eGym buys Qualitrain corporate network

16 Jun 2018

eGym has widened its remit again with the full acquisition of Qualitrain, a German company that has formed a network of about 1,400 fitness facilities to be used for workplace health management.

The deal agreed at an undisclosed price earlier this month takes eGym into yet another layer of the industry. The supplier of electronic strength training gear and software has been investing in the last year to form a wider fitness technology platform. The rationale for the latest takeover is that it could turn eGym into an outstanding corporate health provider, because it could combine the strength of Qualitrain’s network and services with its own insights into training.

Qualitrain is used by more than 60,000 employees from over 800 German companies, who benefit from health and fitness services with the support of their employers. Unlike some aggregators, it works with quite a few of the most upmarket operators in Germany, such as Elements and Holmes Place.

Qualitrain is to be divested by Markus Begerow, the owner of United Leisure Clubs (ULC), a group of six fitness and racquet sports club in Bremen, in northern Germany, which is predictably a partner of Qualitrain.

Philipp Roesch-Schlanderer, eGym’s chief executive, said that many of the operators taking part in Qualitrain already have eGym equipment or partnerships with companies that are part of the eGym One cloud-based platform.

“With our smart solution, participating employees will not only train at a reduced price, but will also be more efficient, purposeful and motivated,” he said.

Read the full story in FNE#58.

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