TrainMore forms multi-brand group

2 Jan 2019

Bundling the TrainMore, High Studios and Club Sportive concepts, the Urban Gym Group has obtained funding of at least €16 million to pursue its expansion. This started last week with the acquisition of Sports World in Amsterdam, and it could take the TrainMore concept into Belgium.

TrainMore is the Dutch fitness club concept with eleven gyms offering a rebate of €1 to its members every time they turn up for their workout. It was launched by Han Doorenbosch and Marjolijn Meijer, who own the more upscale Club Sportive facility in Amsterdam as well.

High Studios is the high-intensity training boutique launched in partnership with Barbara Den Bak, which boasts two studios in Amsterdam.

Urban Gym Group, their newly-formed holding company, has obtained its funding from the Rabobank and the Dutch Mezzanine Fund (DMF), which should allow them to accelerate their growth in the coming years. “In this way we’re aiming to eventually have 35 clubs in the city centers of the biggest cities of the Netherlands,” Urban Gym Group explained.

Just a few days after the financing was finalised, the group bought Sports World, a large club with squash courts, a gym and a sauna, opened by Bert Elzinga in 2007. Like nearly all of the TrainMore locations, Sports World is situated in a monumental, former industrial building in Amsterdam, the Oostergasfabriek.

The new owners intend to turn Sports World into a second TrainMore Black Label club – a more upmarket and all-inclusive version of the concept. A third Black Label club should open in Utrecht in March.

Read the full story in FNE#71.

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